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Response to article in Slovenske novice on 20th of June 2017

After Dnevnik, which wrote pages of false information against Dharmaling and our Abbot, for years, now we have: Slovenske Novice, a tabloid from Slovenia, with a journalist able to write one sided story of a bitter nun (born Masa Gedrih, now using her Tibetan name; Tenzin Wangmo) that the bureau of Dharmaling had to exclude a year ago, because of years-long misbehaviour. She is by the way the first and only person we ever had to exclude.
As a revenge, few months after, she started a lawsuit, without having contacted Rinpoche once since her exclusion. She requested the immediate refunding of a loan she signed in 2012. She is supported in this attitude by an American monk who insulted us, attacked us on our official Dharmaling Facebook page (the comments are still there), even threatened us of “war” if we wouldn’t stop to attack that nun (we won’t go in the reason for that support here), though it is only HER who is attacking us, spreading false and slandering information, and now defaming Rinpoche through a newspaper article.

 Back then, she wanted to give Rinpoche the result of a small flat selling. Rinpoche insisted that it is signed in front of notary, as a loan contract (so she can get it back later would she need it). She wanted to give this money to support Rinpoche’s activities; which it did, it supported His activities, allowed the development of several Dharma projects, helped Him to live, to feed His four children, etc. And she was very happy, for four years (we have several testimonies), till she got excluded of course. Anyhow, it was a loan, without any purpose, thus we have no justification whatsoever to give to anyone. It ends in 2032. Legally, see you then.

While her rage seems to only grow – though she leads lectures about Compassion and Wisdom in Ljubljana! – she decided to expose her situation to a journalist, placing of course herself as the eternal victim (many will have a sad laugh, remembering how they were treated by this woman for years in the community).

That journalist wrote the article without having the decency to contact us or Rinpoche to have both side of the story. It shows the level of such so called “journalism”, full of “allegedly” to cover the lack of fact and investigation… She also mentioned completely unrelated accusations with the clear intent to smear Rinpoche’s reputation, out of which a rehabilitated case (in which Rinpoche always claimed His innocence), about which nobody is legally allowed to refer to (even if a crook journalist already referred to it before). This has legal consequences. She also writes false information about another case, promoted by a policeman who started a vendetta against Rinpoche years ago.

We answered by facts and a dozen of testimonies to the insane accusations in the lawsuit she started (a nun starting a lawsuit against a Lama, lying, out of revenge, what a shame!), now we do pray that the judiciary system in Slovenia will see through the manipulations. Meanwhile, Rinpoche will, for the first time, hand over the matter to His attorneys – in France and Slovenia – to examine the defamation and slander campaign of these two women, and decide the legal measures to react with.

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