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Lama Shenpen Rinpoche has been born in Western France. Very early in his life, various special signs manifested - during, and after, his birth. As a young child, Rinpoche was surprisingly interested in philosophical concepts, for example reincarnation. Around 12 and 13 years of age, Kusho.la had some visions of his previous life, of landscape, mountains - of what will later be recognized as his monastery inTibet.

4 TaraJenangVienna 2004But Rinpoche really engaged himself into Buddhism at the age of 16, when a Tibetan Lama came to his town (Lama Gendun Rinpoche, from Kagyu tradition). After some teachings, Rinpoche went to Nalanda Monastery (close to Toulouse - France). When Rinpoche saw some men dressed as Tibetan monks He was "full of joy". In a way, He was feeling back home. This was in April 1985.

Almost the same day, an important Lama arrived to Nalanda too: Gomo Tulku. It was during an appointment that Gomo Tulku explained to Kusho-la the meaning of the visions Rinpoche had when he was younger, telling him that he was the rebirth "of a great practitioner in Tibet". Which was later to be confirmed by several Lamas since 1992, melong-readers, and an Oracle of Dharamsala. Finally the Kharnang Monastery recognised officially Lama Shenphen Rinpoche as the Tulku of Lama Gendun Rabgye (here the letters from Kharnang monastery and Sera-Jhe Lhadrel Khangtsen). The official ceremony couldn't be done before in Kharnang Monastery, due to the remoteness of the place (in Tibet) and various political considerations. It has been done in July 2003.

Two years after, going to Sera Monastic University, the ceremony of enthronement could also be performed in Sera-Jhe Monastery, in Jadrel Khamtsen (photos).

Back in 1990, being 21 years old, Rinpoche took the full monk ordination with His Holiness the Dalaï-Lama in Dharamsala.
During the five following years, Shenphen Tulku will remain engaged into different social and humanitarian actions. "Titles are words can be quite empty. We can judge a tree by the fruits it produces. To learn about and later to teach Compassion, humility and such, is very nice, but one should also find ways to practice all this!" says Rinpoche.

Between 1998 & 2001, following the request of Khyabje Zopa Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT), Shenphen Rinpoche was the director of a retreat Centre in Greece. Then, Rinpoche went to Spain, to open a small Dharma Center, till 2002.

Since the year 2000, Rinpoche teaches regularly in several other countries, for example Austria, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, France, Tibet, and India, ...

In September 2002, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche arrived in Slovenia. The "Tibetan Buddhist Congregation - Dharmaling" is registered by the Government; Rinpoche is its Abbot. In May 2008, following the advises of a Rinpoche melong-reader, Shenphen Rinpoche left his ordination and accepted to lcontinue His work as lay Lama.

Being also a renowned healer, Rinpoche is receiving people for this purpose and also private appointment all along the week.

In January 2007, the main Center in Slovenia has been opened (which is also the only consecrated Buddhist Temple in the country). Place of Dharma teaching and practice, of Peace, and of Healing, this Dharma Center also have rooms for guests for students coming from afar for the teachings, advises, retreat, etc.
In July 2008, Dharmaling has signed a special agreement with the State of Slovenia, and became the sixth religious community to do so in the country after the Christian Churches and the main Muslim Community.

Shenphen Rinpoche 3 cAccomplished Teacher and practitioner, Shenpen Rinpoche is showing the Path of integration for the Buddhist practice and the daily life:

"The goal of Buddha's Teachings is not any kind of selfish satisfaction but a state of mind we call 'Awakening'. This goal is achieved only if one has a heart Compassionate enough and a Wisdom sharp enough. We are sleeping in our material world, relying of our senses as if what they are telling us is an unchallengeable Truth. We have a ‘monkey-mind’, always jumping from a thought to another, which disables us from a correct perception of our reality. We need to understand how our mind works, and how to drive it correctly."

"Once you drive your own mind, you start to see things as they are truly, and not as you are told to see them, by the education system, by the society, by religions which aim is to amass always more wealth and power, by medias, etc. then you start to be a responsible being, able to express the full potential of a human life and to climb the steps toward Liberation from this conditioned existence."

"Nowadays, it is very important that many people can integrate the main human and spiritual values into their everyday life, into their work, into their family, into their public and private lives. In this world of chaos, result of our disturbed mind, we have to find again the values of Peace, of loving kindness, of altruism. Old religious rituals, embedded with local cultures, are not that important anymore. What matters is that people can open their eyes, see the true nature of the reality they are living in, understand the universal law of causality and become fully responsible of what they are doing, of their motivation and of the consequences of all actions of body, speech, and mind. Only then they will live as responsible beings, caring for each other and for their environment."

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Words of Wisdom

"What is born will die, what has been gathered will be dispersed, what has been accumulated will be exhausted, what has been built up will collapse, and what has been high will be brought low."
- Buddhist scripture

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