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From the Buddha's time to nowadays, Buddha-Dharma has been transmitted purely through unbroken lineages of Masters to Disciples.

The external forms of presenting Buddhism may change as it meets with different cultures and societies, but its essential authenticity is ensured through the continuation of an unbroken lineage of realized practitioners.

The "Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling", under the guidance of Lama Tubten Shenpen Rinpoche, do propose regular teachings in several countries of Europe (Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, …), retreats, initiations, and seminars on various fields (healing, education, translation,…). (Program)
The first association was registered in France, in 1986, under the auspicious name of "Shenphen Kunkyab Jang Chub Ling"1. Dharmaling will appear officially in year 2000, and will be register as a trademark2 in 2001.

Our community, Dharmaling, established now in several countries, is not bound to any institution3; but follows the Buddhas’ Teaching in their various aspects. 
If Dharmaling is traditionally influenced by the Tibetan Lineages, and more closely from the Gelug School, we can say that our congregation has developed through years an approach and way to practice which is distinct form the Tibetan lineages, less ritualistic and more engaged into daily integration of the Buddha's Teachings in our societies.
Far most of our members are not Tibetans, and, therefore, to recite prayers in that languages seems simply irrelevant.

We aim at bringing Buddhism to be correctly understood in the West, using local terminologies, example, culture; yet preserving Buddha-Dharma as purely as possible, remaining purely in the line of its founder, Shakyamuni Buddha.
Dharma is not meant to be just a subject of study, but to be applied in the everyday life, in every circumstance of our living, helping to deal and solve all our problem with a better understanding of the reality we're living in, and a growing inner quietness.

Dharmaling is a group of Buddhist followers, of different Schools, motivated by the same goal, of spiritual knowledge, practices, and integration of Dharma in their daily life, daily engagements in the society. We aim at practicing the ethical values promoted by the Buddha, and applying them in every moment, spreading the understanding and experience of Compassion, Wisdom, and Peace. 

Dharmaling is a non-profit organization. For we believe that accumulation of wealth and temporal values for the sake of richness and temporal attachments is not worth. The impermanent nature of the reality makes that at the time of death, only the positive deeds and Wisdom we have accumulated will be of any help, and only them can help us in our daily life to promote ethic and Compassion. 

Dharmaling is a non-political community. It abides by the Law system in each country where it exists, without biased alliance or compliance of political nature, without playing the game of the evil in accepting what is against its ethical values for the sake of any worldly interest. Yet it directs its focus in the fields and matters directed for the common good, and enables itself to be a worth partner for any Institution pursuing similar goal for the good of individuals and society.


The "Foundation MIR" (originally Foundation Dharmaling) was in March 2004, to provide the necessary support for the Congregation, and also to lead projects and events not directly covered by the statutes of the Congregation, such as holiday camps for children (with pedagogy based on Dharma), seminar on alternative medicine, book publishing, CDs, etc. ... 


Since 1990, Association A.M.C.H.I., registered in France and Slovenia, is taking care of the humanitarian and social projects of Dharmaling. Since 15 years, we are managing a sponsorship system which supports over 60 children and young Tibetans in India, and recently also in Tibet. We've been acting also in Russia, for the street children and orphans in St-Petersburg. And we are now working on social projects in Slovenia.


Association Dharmaling (under the Law 1901) in France:
   Registered to the Prefecture of Pyrénées Orientales, under n° 0663003273, the 31.05.2001

Registered to the INPI Paris (National Institute for Industrial Property in France):
   Trademark in France n°: 01 3 135 312, the 30.10.2001

Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling in Slovenia:
   Registered to the Office for Religious Communities of the Government of Slovenia, as number 33, in 2003.
   Registrirana verska skupnost  /  št. vpisa UVS 033  /  mat.št. 1815580  /  IŠ za DDV: SI 30201144

Foundation MIR in Slovenia:
   Based on articles 45 and 46 of the Institutes Act (Of.Gaz. RS, No. 12/91, 45/I/94, 8/96 and 36/2000) and the Foundation Document; the Foundation MIR was created on the 21st May 2004 as Foundation Dharmaling, and registered to the Court of Kranj, Republic of Slovenia, as non-profit, the 10.06.2004
   Zavod registriran pri Okrožnem Sodišcu v Kranju  –  Št. vložka: 1/07573/00  –  Matična številka: 1953478

Registered to the UPSIL (National Institute for Intellectual Property in Slovenia):
   Trademark in Slovenia n°: Z-200570346, the 09.03.2005

Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling in Hungary:
  Registered by the Capital Court of Justice, as a Church, under n°: 183, the 17 December 2005.


1. Name given by Khensur Geshe Tegchok Rinpoche, at Nalanda Monastery, in 1985.

2. "Dharmaling" is registered to the "National Institute for Intellectual Property /Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle " - INPI Paris (30/11/2001) under the number: 01 3 135 312; and to the "Office of the Republic of Slovenia for intellectual property / Urad Republike Slovenije za intelektualno lastnino" (09/03/2005), under number: 00570316.

3. It doesn't aspire to be “the” representative of Buddhism, neither in Slovenia or anywhere, as this has never existed ever since the Buddha Himself. And surely not in any way representing the Tibetan Government or His Holiness the Dalaï-Lama, who have their own structures for this.


Words of Wisdom

"My religion is kindness."
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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