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Meeting with President

Meeting with the President of Slovenia, Mr. Danilo Türk

The 16th of January 2009, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche (Abbot of the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling) met Mr. Danilo Türk, President of Slovenia.

The issues raised by Rinpoche were:

* The religious situation in Slovenia ie. unequality and discrimination. The actual law about "religious freedom". The separation between State and Religions not always respected.

* The importance of inter-religious dialogue and necessity to establish a Religious Council to allow the main religions to discuss together about matters important to the whole society (not to discuss theology or try to promote onself in anyway) and eventualy to come out with common statement regarding these important matter.

* The situation in Gaza. Why Slovenia didn't support the last decision of the UN requesting an immediate cease-fire? And does Slovenia intend to help Gaza, politically or with humanitarian means.



Words of Wisdom

"Like me, the countless living beings have been wandering in cyclic existence. Many times they have been a parent to me and shone radiant kindness upon me. How unworthy not to respond to their sorrow. For the sake of all living beings we must strive in the practices bringing Enlightenment."
- 1st Dalai Lama

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