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Meeting with Prime Minister

Meeting with the Prime Minister, Mr. Borut Pahor

The 16th of Feberuary 2009, Lama Shenphen Rinpoche (Abbot of the Buddhist Congregation Dharmaling) met Mr. Borut Pahor, Prime Minister of Slovenia. 
The issues raised by Rinpoche were: 
* The actual law about "religious freedom", containing lot of mistakes, promoting discrimination, influencing the financial situation of public funds. The separation between State and Religions not always respected.
* The bill passed quickly about financing priests in hospital and prison, and its financing form the public money (from social security, when hospital should better invests such money in improving the quality of medical services, more doctors, nurses, etc...). 
* The situation of the Buddhist Congregation in Slovenia, our premise is already too small and we need to build a new building to fit all people coming to he teachings.
* The lack of emphasis on ethical values in our education system.


Words of Wisdom

"This world we see is a painting born from the brush of discursive thought, and within it or upon it nothing truly existent can be found. All things in samsara and nirvana are but mental labels and projections. Knowing this one knows reality; seeing this one sees most true."
- 2nd Dalai Lama

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