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Eight Auspicious Symbols


The conch:
Usual conches are turning on the left side, as this one is turning on the right side. It symbolizes the Buddhas's speech, and the sound of the Buddha dharma, which, according to the capacities of all disciples, bring them out of ignorance
 up to the Buddha state.



The umbrella:
Symbolizes the activity protecting all beings. In this life they are protected of obstacles, illness, bad spirits, in their next rebirth they are protected of falling in the three lower states. It symbolizes as well the joy of positive actions.


The banner of victory:
It represents the victory of Dharma over the dark forces, negativities and obstacles by the positive acts of body speech and mind. As she assumes the superiority on ignorance and negativity she represents the idea of a long term well being.


The golden fishes:
They symbolize the lack of fear of beings. As they cannot anymore sink into the ocean of sufferings of the Samsara. They bring liberation.



The treasure vase:
It represents the never ending rain of long life, wealth, prosperity, and any kind of good thing in the material and spiritual fields.



The lotus:
The lotus flower is the purification of body speech and mind, as well as the full activity of a Buddha. It brings purity.



The never-ending knot:
It represents the interdependence of all things, especially of the Dharma practice and of what it brings to society. From the point of view of Enlightenment it’s the symbol of union of Wisdom and Compassion. It’s like the mind of the Buddha.



The Wheel:
The golden wheel is the symbol of the movement of the Dharma wheel, with the theoretical and practical aspects, in all times and directions. It brings the growth of all qualities. The sole feet of the Buddha have the mark of a wheel.




Words of Wisdom

"For happiness, cherish others."
- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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