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(skt.: upasaka; tib.: genyen) Literally pursuer of virtue. Genyen is someone who keeps vows known as layman or laywomans vows. These five vows can either be taken all at once, or any of these vows can be taken distinctly, and they can either be taken for ones whole lifetime, or for a period of time that we decide ourselves. The lay ordination, when it is taken fully, is called the Genyen ordination.

Genyen vows not to commit following actions:
1. killing - mainly killing humans, but also animals
2. stealing - mainly stealing an object offered to the Three Jewels, but also stealing anything of value
3. lying - mainly lying about your spiritual attainments, but also other lies
4. sexual misconduct - mainly commiting adultery or rape, but also doing sexual activities at temple, in public, at inappropriate time like full moon, festivals or when woman is in advanced stage of pregnancy or in her menstruation
5. taking intoxicants - taking any substance, which makes you intoxicated


Words of Wisdom

"Support beings with your whole nature and protect them like your own body. Indifference towards beings must be avoided like poison!"
- Nagarjuna

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