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tib.: kye rab) Birth stories or tales. Collection of 547 stories of previous lives of Buddha Shakyamuni which usually illustrate a point of doctrine or morality. These stories depict the good acts carried out by Buddha Shakyamuni in previous lifetimes that enabled him to be reborn as the Buddha in India. Jataka tales are part of Pali canon and are contained in Khuddaka nikaya section of Sutra Pitaka.


(tib.: jenang) A tantric ritual for a specific Buddha received in order to strengthen further the Buddha-nature factors that were previously activated with a full empowerment.


(skt.: dhyana/jhana; tib.: sam ten) Very deep meditation or concentration that can be reached by the practice of samadhi. This is where one attains supernormal powers, sees his past lives, and gains wisdom of the true nature of reality. There are four levels of dhyana which correspond to the four levels of the form realm. This very deep meditation can also result in being born in these four levels of the form realm.


Words of Wisdom

"Happiness is not only the goal, it is also the Path."
- Lama Shenphen Rinpoche

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