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(skt.: dhyana/jhana; tib.: sam ten) Very deep meditation or concentration that can be reached by the practice of samadhi. This is where one attains supernormal powers, sees his past lives, and gains wisdom of the true nature of reality. There are four levels of dhyana which correspond to the four levels of the form realm. This very deep meditation can also result in being born in these four levels of the form realm.

The first dhyana is a state with both concept and discernment. The second dhyana is a state without concept but with discernment. The third dhyana is a state without delight but with bliss. The fourth dhyana is a state of equanimity. Non-Buddhist schools in India also teach methods for achieving the various dhyanas.


Words of Wisdom

"There is no evil similar to anger and no discipline like patience, strive always therefore for tolerance, cultivating it in varied ways."
- Shantideva

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