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Kalpa of continuance

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Kalpa of continuance

(tib.: re pe kal pa) Lifespans drop from 80,000 years down to ten years (this is called kalpa of decrease) because people are doing the ten nonvirtues more and more, which creates disturbances in the world. People create more and more powerful weapons. Most people are living in cities. Some people are out in the country when the weapons of destruction are unleashed, and only they survive. The few who survive are overcome with remorse, and decide to give up the ten non-virtues. Lifespans increase from ten years back up to 80,000 years (this is called kalpa of increase). This cycle repeats.


Words of Wisdom

"This world we see is a painting born from the brush of discursive thought, and within it or upon it nothing truly existent can be found. All things in samsara and nirvana are but mental labels and projections. Knowing this one knows reality; seeing this one sees most true."
- 2nd Dalai Lama

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