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Occasional hells

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Occasional hells
(tib.: nyi tse we nyel wa) These hells are in the human realm, on the ocean shore, and so forth. A story from Ven. Rednawas commentary on Nagarjunas Surlekkha (Letter to a Friend) describes what are occasional hells
A man named Shrona lost his way near the ocean. After wandering about in a desert for some time, he came across a person who by night experienced the joys of a celestial mansion filled with heavenly riches. With the coming of day, the mansion would vanish and the man fell to the ground, where he expereienced the great suffering of being slashed and eaten by frightful beasts. As night fell he would once again experience the heavenly riches. Shrona inquired of the person about this and received the following reply:
By day I took the lives of others,
Observing by night moralitys virtues.
From these deeds I now experience
These good and evil fruits.


Words of Wisdom

"To be aware of a single shortcoming in oneself is more useful than to be aware of a thousand in someone else."
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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