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Pratimoksha vows

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Pratimoksha vows

(skt.: pratimoksha; tib.: so tar kyi dom pa) Individual freedom vows. The main subject of Vinaya, division of the Buddhist scriptures concerned with monastic discipline - the rules for the behavior of monks and nuns and the conduct of their communal business.

Pratimoksha vows are divided in different types:
1. one day vows (tib.: nyen.ne) - eight vows which one takes for the period of 24 hours, also known as eight precepts
2. layman or laywoman vows (tib.: ge.nyen.pa or ge.nyen.ma) - five vows.
3. pre-noviciats vows (tib.: rab.jung) - 8 vows
4. novice monk or nuns vows (tib.: ge.tsul.pa or ge.tsul.ma) - 36 vows
5. fully ordained nuns vows (tib.: ge long ma) - consits of 364 vows
6. fully ordained monks vows (tib.: ge long pa) - consits of 253 vows
In a commentary on Je Tsongkhapas text Essence of Ocean of Vinaya, Master Ngulchu Dharma Bhadra explains why these vows are named pratimoksha vows: ... is so named because those individuals who take them and keep them properly will escape the cycle of suffering, whereas those who do not, will not.


Words of Wisdom

"Like me, the countless living beings have been wandering in cyclic existence. Many times they have been a parent to me and shone radiant kindness upon me. How unworthy not to respond to their sorrow. For the sake of all living beings we must strive in the practices bringing Enlightenment."
- 1st Dalai Lama

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