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Surrounding hells

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Surrounding hells

(tib.: nye khor we nyel wa) When karma of beings in the hells run out, they go to surrounding hells. There are also some beings who go straight to surrounding hells.

There are four types of these hells:
1. Fiery Trench: as beings run away from the hells, their legs burn up to their kness, and as they pull their legs out of the trench, they heal. They run like this for hundreds of thousnads of years.
2. Putrid Swamp: then they come to this swamp and sink into it up to their necks and many worms peneterate their bodies and eat them. They spemnd many hundreds of thousands of years crossing the swamp too.
3. Plain of Razor-sharp Knives: then they come to this plain full of sharp iron knives which are cutting their legs till they come to the forest where trees have swords for leaves. They walk under them and sword leaves cut their bodies. They hear the cries of people dear to them above and they climb the trees to the top where terrifiying birds pluck out their eyes and brains. Then they climb back down where wild beasts eat them.
4. Uncrossable Torrent: then they arrive at water which is mixed with fire which burns and cookes their bodies.


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- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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