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Cold hells

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Cold hells

(tib.: drang nyel wa) In these hells there are snow covered mountains, no light from the sun, moon and fires. It is so dark you can not even see the movements of your arms. The ground is field of ice; blizzard rages and cold wind blows. There is nothing to keep you warm, no fire, no sun, no clothes. Also many flies with poisonoous beaks gather around the hell beings bodies and attack them.

There are eight types of these hells:
1. Hell of Blisters: you develop blisters on the body.
2. Hell of Burst Blisters: here blisters burst, dripping blodd and lymph. 
3. Brrr Hell: you can not move and all you can ever say is Brrr.
4. Here you can not even say Brrr but only a faint sound Hue comes from the back of your throat. 
5. Here you can not even make the sound Hue.
6. Here it is even colder and your body is stiff as a corpse, turns blue in color and cracks like a blue lotus.
7. Here it is even colder and your body cracks like a red lotus. 
8. Here your flesh developes a hundred or a thousand times more lotus like cracks.
Jataka tales mentions causes for being reborn in these hells:
Holders of nihilistic views 
Will, in all their future lives,
Dwell in these places
Of darkness and cold winds.
They will contract diseases
That rot their very bones;
What good then lies In my dabbling in such views?


Words of Wisdom

"For happiness, cherish others."
- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

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