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Five aggregates

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Five aggregates
(sanskrit: pancha skandha, tib.: pung po nga) Five heaps or five aggregates of a being that come together at birth and seperate at death: 
1. physical body (tib.: zug kyi phung po): not only the body, but also other physical objects;
2. feeling (tib.: tshor we phung po): can be divided in happiness, unhappiness or neutral;
3. distinguishing (tib.: du she kyi phung po): distinguishes the special characteristic feature of an object (shape, color, etc.). For example, in seeing someones face, it distinguishes the shape and color of the face from the shapes and colors of everything around;
4. other factors (tib.: du je kyi phung po): comprises all variables, affecting the experience, that are not included in the other four aggregates like faith, intellect, personality, habits, ...
5. consciousness (tib.: nam she kyi phung po): main mind, the fact that you are aware of things, it is usually divided into awareness of vision, sounds, smells, taste, touch and mind.


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