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Great compassion

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Great compassion

(skt.: mahakaruna; tib.: nying je chen po) Great compassion. It exceeds ordinary compassion because it is aimed to all samsaric beings equally and besides the wish to remove the suffering of pain and the suffering of change, it also wants to remove the all pervading suffering. In a commentary by Kedrup Tenpa Dhargye on one of the Je Tsongkhapas works, mahakaruna is defined as: Uncontrived state of mind which, no matter what suffering being it may focus upon, feels an uncontrollable wish to free them from their pain with exactly the same intensity of love that a mother feels for her only child.


Words of Wisdom

"All things found in the world and beyond are illusions created by one's own thought. Grasping at them but further distorts perception. Give up grasping and see things as they are."
- 7th Dalai Lama

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