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Hot hells

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Hot hells

(tib.: tsha nyel wa) They are said to be located under Bodhgaya in India. All the ground and all the mountains in these hells are composed entirely of red hot iron; the ground, like that in the human realms, is not at all flat and hell fire is seven time hotter than fire in human realms.

There are eight types of hot hells:
1. Hell of Continual Resurrection: inhabitants have hatred towards everyone there and everyone attacks each other. When all are dead, a voice from the sky says Revive and they revive, get up and start again.
2. Black Line Hell: hell guards seize you and lay you on the burning iron ground and put hot chains across your body which leave black burn lines. Other hell guards cut you up along those lines. Each part of you that is cut up still feels pain.
3. Assemble-and-be-crushed Hell: hell guards drive you into a canyon between mountains and then the walls collapse or close and smash you. Then the mountains open and you regenerate
4. Hell of Lamentation: you are placed inside a house of burning iron with no doors and it is all on fire. Your great suffering makes you wail.
5. Hell of Great Lamentation: you are placed in an iron house which is contained within another, similar to the one above. Suffering is twice as great.
6. Hotter Hell: you are impaled on a flaming iron skewer and burned inside out. You are cooked in huge cauldron of boiling water.
7. Even Hotter Hell: similar as above, but the suffering is twice as great.
8. Hell Without Respite (Avichi hell): this is the worst hell because it contains more suffering than all the suffering of the three realms combined. Beings there are burned by eleven fires and become indistingushable from the fire and the only way to know that there are sentient beings is by the pathetic sound they make.


Words of Wisdom

"Vigilant, the moment a delusion appears in my mind, endangering myself and others, I shall confront and avert it without delay."
- Langri Tangpa

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