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(skt.: mandala; tib.: kyil khor) Literally means center and border. 
1. A mandala is colorful geometric pattern, usually circular, that represents the body, speech, and mind of a Buddha. Mandalas typically depict symbolic representations of the universe or a Pureland. They are used for meditation, for initiations, to sanctify holy spaces, and other related purposes. Such mandalas can be made of powdered sand or cloth or if it is three dimensional it can be made of wood or metal.
2. A mandala offering is an offering of visualized Pureland. The Pureland (represented by mandala hand mudra or mandala offering set) is most frequently that depicted as a world system with Mount Meru in the center, around are four island-continents, which are adorned with flowers, jewels, offerings, etc.


Words of Wisdom

"This world we see is a painting born from the brush of discursive thought, and within it or upon it nothing truly existent can be found. All things in samsara and nirvana are but mental labels and projections. Knowing this one knows reality; seeing this one sees most true."
- 2nd Dalai Lama

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