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Ten bhumis

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Ten bhumis
1. Perfect Joy / Supreme Joy
2. Immaculate / Stainless
3. Luminous / Illuminating
4. Radiant / Bhumi of Blazing Wisdom
5. Hard to Keep / Very Difficult to Train For / The Unconquerable
6. Clearly Manifest / Appearance Stage
7. Far Progressed / Gone-Afa
8. Immovable / Unwavering
9. Perfect Intellect / The Wholesome Wisdom
10. Cloud of Dharma
1. Perfect Joy / Supreme Joy: the main practice is perfection of generosity; the Path of Meditation can be started. Joy rises from having overcome the chains of samsara (having realized Emptiness), benefiting others and proceeding on the path to Buddhahood.
2. Immaculate / Stainless: the main practice is perfection of ethics or discipline of vows; it leads the Bodhisattva to freedom of anxiety and all possible defilement, even the subtlest ones. This is the stage of purity.
3. Luminous / Illuminating: the main practice is perfection of Patience or equanimity, this is the source of the luminosity. In the supreme samadhi the Bodhisattva gives rise to the Three Wisdoms: the wisdom of hearing, the wisdom of consideration, and the wisdom of cultivation. From their attainment, he emits a sublime light.
4. Radiant / Bhumi of Blazing Wisdom: the main practice is perfection of Joyous Effort. This activity in the service of virtue creates a radiance of wisdom (dazzling wisdom light), which burns away false conceptions.
5. Hard to Keep / Very Difficult to Train For / The Unconquerable: the main practice is perfection of Meditation and other skillful means in preparation for the helping of all sentient beings. Upon this ground the Bodhisattva testifies to the interaction between wisdom of relative truth and the non-discriminating wisdom of absolute truth. Through the mutual and non-obstructive functioning of those two kinds of wisdom, he accomplishes clever expedient means, such as the Five Sciences, to teach living beings. On this level he transcends the world and yet completely accords with the world.
6. Clearly Manifest / Appearance Stage: the main practice is perfection of Wisdom. The Bodhisattva gives rise to the perfection of wisdom through contemplation of the Twelve Interdependent Links and is no longer caught up in the discrimination of purity and defilement. The appearance referred to is the Sunyata itself. This means from an abstract idea comes a concrete countenance.
7. Far Progressed / Gone-Afar: The main practice is the perfection of Skillful Means. The Bodhisattva is overcoming the subtlest ideas of self in order to save others. This ground is characterized by cultivation that is without an appearance and without effort. Since effortless functioning is accomplished, the Bodhisattva far transcends all the conducts of the Two Vehicles.
8. Immovable / Unwavering: attainment of being unperturbed. As a reward of the Bodhisattva conduct, the Bodhisattva has now reached the state which is without marks and without interval; hence the name \'Immovable.\' On this ground the Bodhisattva casts off the activities of production within the Three Realms (desire, form, formless). He also attains the Patience with Non-Production.
9. Perfect Intellect / The Wholesome Wisdom: the finest discriminatory wisdom, knowing where and how to save others. The Bodhisattva practices the acquisition of the Ten Powers and Six Supernatural Powers, attains the Four Unobstructed Eloquences and perfects the merit of being a great Dharma Master. Whereas in the fourth stage he attained wisdom of fire, here the Bodhisattva has the wisdom of goodness also which means he is able to speak Dharma that perfectly suits the potentials of all living beings.
10. Cloud of Dharma: attainment of the fertilizing powers of law cloud. Primordial awareness clears away whatever subtle defilements and tendencies might still be retained. By this stage the Bodhisattva attains a vast Dharma body, like a huge Dharma cloud that protects all beings, and which sends down Dharma rain to nourish them. In this way he benefits in boundlessly inconceivable ways.


Words of Wisdom

"Sometimes, to give time to time is losing time over time ..."
- Lama Shenphen Rinpoche

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