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Five immediate bad deeds

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Five immediate bad deeds

(skt.: anantarya karma; tib.: tsam me nga) Also translated as five heinous crimes or five immediate negativities. These five actions are so negative, that they are the cause, that you get reborn in hell immediately, that is, in the very next life, with no other rebirth in-between.

They are:
1. Killing your mother (tib.: ma su pa)
2. Killing your father (tib.: pha su pa)
3. Killing an arhat (tib..: dra chom pa su pa)
4. Creating a schism in the Sangha (tib.: gendun kyi yen je pa) - in this case, the Sangha means those in robes following Buddha Shakyamuni, one can not commit this kind of schism now
5. Maliciously drawing blood from a Buddha (tib.: de shek la ngen sem kyi trak jin pa)
Master Vasubandhu said in his Abhidharmakosha about what happens if we commit any one or more of these deeds: 
It ripens to that Without Respite for an eon; 
Extra torment comes from extra ones. 
(Without Respite refers to Avichi hell, which is the worst of the eight types of hot hells)


Words of Wisdom

"True compassion is not just an emotional response but a firm commitment founded on reason."
- His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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